Betting, Casino and Poker – Tailored VIP Programs for Every Niche

Betting, Casino and Poker – Tailored VIP Programs for Every Niche

For many online bookmakers, it is getting increasingly difficult to both attract and maintain new customers. Just based on the sheer number of betting companies that are currently out there, the competition is huge and everybody is offering something to draw in or steal a customer from somewhere else. To combat this, a number of betting companies are gradually turning to the idea of VIP and Loyalty programs for their customers.

Loyalty and VIP programs are offered by betting companies to encourage customers to play frequently by giving them extra bonuses as a reward. These free rewards can come in many forms, from free bets, free spins on casino machines, free entry to competitions, and many other varieties in between.

Sports Betting VIP Programs

The biggest gambling market at the moment is easily sports betting. Sports betting is the backbone of most bookmakers, so the competition to attract and retain customers is very often based around who can offer the best incentives on their sports bets. Due to this, sports betting VIP programs are being introduced for many customers. In sports betting, this normally comes in the form of being granted a certain value of free bets if you bet a specific amount over a period of time. For example, you can get £10 worth of free bets if you bet £25 over a week with some sites. These bets are normally provided on football betting, but there are some sites that allow you to spread these bets over different sports as well.

Loyalty programs for sports betting are perfect for customers who make regular bets as you are then rewarded with what are essentially risk free bets. If you are able to use these correctly and pick winners, you can basically guarantee yourself free money from these.

Online Casino VIP Programs

Similar to sports betting VIP and loyalty programs, online casino VIP programs are designed to provide benefits for a specific clientele. Casino VIP programs give their most loyal or highest spending players entrance to their VIP programs, which normally place you at a designated level within it.

The best way to become a VIP player at an online casino is simply to place a lot of wagers. The most common method of how online casinos assign customers to a level within their programs is based on giving a point value to each wager you make. Each wager will accumulate you points, and the more points that you can amass, the higher your rank will be as you progress through the levels. Another option available for VIP members sometimes is to exchange these points for rewards. These rewards range from free plays on games all the way through to luxury trips away.

Another method of amassing points that some casinos use is to measure your status on the total amount deposited. This is normally takes into account how much you have deposited for a set time such as the last month, however some do base your VIP status on how much money has been deposited into the account since you joined.

Either way, both methods are great for both regular big spenders or people who are in a position to deposit a large amount in a particular month. If done correctly, you can fly through the levels very quickly if you manage your deposits and wagers well enough.

Online Poker Loyalty Program

Online poker loyalty programs work in the same way as both the previously mentioned programs but are based solely on poker. Online poker rewards tend to be provided in the form of cash back, but another interesting reward that some offer is entrance to exclusive online poker rooms. Inside these rooms, you are given the chance to play in higher value tournaments which mean that you could potentially have much greater winnings from your game. For high rolling poker players, these are the rooms that you want to be involved in as the stakes are so much higher here.

In addition to this, you also have the possibility of earning more cash back from your stakes as you progress to higher levels, or these points can again be exchanged for prizes like the online casino programs.

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