Be a one-trick-pony and cash in your bet faster with Handicapping!

Be a one-trick-pony and cash in your bet faster with Handicapping!

For anyone who enjoys horse races and sports betting online, handicapping is a useful technique to cash in on a bet faster, as opposed to just waiting for a lucky blessing. In case that concept sounds appealing to you, read through this article to learn all about handicapping horses online without spending much time or energy. In a nutshell, handicapping is simply being able to pick the winning horse by reviewing available data.

Once you focus on a few key factors you’ll naturally learn how to handicap, and you should improve your results with sports betting online. While handicapping horses online may seem like an uncanny skill for those who don’t realize how it works, truth of the matter is that handicapping is a relatively simple intellectual exercise that can be learned by anyone provided a little inclination and effort.

What Exactly is Handicapping Horses Online?

Handicapping horses online is simply a matter of analyzing all available information on previous performance for all the horses involved in a race. By critically looking at the track record of a horse, you’ll be able to get a sense of how likely that horse is to win in a current race. This process involves a critical judgment of all traits of a race horse, along with developing an intuitive sense of the probabilities in the current race. In short, handicapping is all about learning how to rely on rather well informed hunches in order to get the upper hand over all others who are placing bets on the outcome of a horse race.

To become proficient in handicapping horses online, it’s very helpful to have a real interest in the past performances of racing horses. Asides from looking at obvious aspects such as the speed of a horse and its usual outcome, you have to develop a knack for picking up subtle information – such as understanding the stamina of a horse, its special traits, speed figures, unusual features, typical form, background information on workouts, surprising wins and so forth.

Handicapping is half science, half art – and all about puzzle solving. The more you can dig deep into the available data and observe performance patterns, the easier you’ll find it making accurate predictions on the outcome of the next races. As these predictions become more accurate (and they will, provided you’re determined to develop such a skill), the easier you’ll find turning a profit from handicapping horses online.

How to Succeed in Handicapping Horses Online

People who are really good at handicapping horses online are those who put in the time, effort, and passion! You can’t expect to learn handicapping overnight from reading a simple article… however, there is a simple formula that you can rely on to develop your handicapping skills quickly. As you start seeing results from this technique, you should use that as motivation to keep learning and refining your skills.

Here’s what you have to do: get hold of a paper and pencil, along with information on past performances for all horses in a race. Go over that information while focusing on four essential aspects: horse speed first, then its form, next its class and finally its pace. All this information can be gauged directly or indirectly from past performance sheets, so you just have to go through those records and look for the top performers. As you go through each step, you should aim to slip the remaining horses in two groups: the top half and the bottom half; when you finish going through the four steps, you will have a clear notion of which horse should perform better in the race you’re handicapping.

  • Step 1: To begin with, start by shortlisting which are the faster horses in the current race by looking at speed figures from the latest race of each horse.
  • Step 2: Next, decide which of these horses are in better shape; you do this by picking the horses that consistently had better results in the previous 3 to 5 races.
  • Step 3: Focus on which of the remaining horses have the best class; this decision is not as straightforward to make as it’s a bit more subjective than the others… however, you can use a simple trick: look at the claiming prices for your shortlisted horses – those with the higher claiming prices are more likely to be top class.
  • Step 4: Finally, pick the horse with the better pace; a basic way to gauge this variable is by checking which horse ran faster to the first call in previous races of the same length. That will be the horse most likely to win the next race!
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